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What People Are Saying...
 Here's What People Are Saying:
"I Needed This Book!
This is a wonderful book and I am so grateful to have found it just when I am doing lots of media interviews. It is very user-friendly for folks who are novices to working with the media.

 -Jennifer L. Fitzpatrick
Expert/Author on Healthcare and helping senior organizations grow
"Jess really gives the reader insightful behind the curtain information that will allow anyone that seeks to obtain more media attention." 

-Greg Williams
AKA... The Master Negotiator & Body Language Expert
"Essential GO TO Guide for Media Exposure...
Jess is a true media expert. He is my go to resource when I am called for an important television interview. This book makes it easy to understand. "

-Heather Lutze
Findability Expert
Here's Some Of What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:
  • It includes a 20 Minute Quick Start Audio so you can get started right away.
  • Publicity Secrets for Getting More Attention. These are the ones I used to set a Guinness Record.
  • Learn how to craft media messages. You'll then learn how to remember them without memorization.
  • Speak in Sound Bites! Learn the 14 Strategies for creating powerful quotes (that the media takes & uses.)
  • Be able to answer any question (and still be authentic.) This is not dodging or being sneaky.
  • Get inside the Mind of the Media. How do they think? ... and How can you best work with them?
  • Techniques for specific types of interviews... TV, Radio, Newspaper, Blog Interviews, Podcasts, Online...
  • Media as Marketing ... How You Can Properly Use Media to Market Yourself or Your Business. This is what people forget.
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